Technical equipment / spare parts

Martechnic, Hamburg

This company manufactures and markets ultra sonic cleaning equipment and various types of test instruments for onboard testing and analyses of oil products, i.e. specific gravity, viscosity, water content, BN number, TBN, compatibility, pour point etc., as well as drip sampling for bunkers. The instruments can be used for both bunkers and lubricants. Numerous ships are today making use of these instruments, which can be assembled in kits or cabinets, according to your own requirements.

Butterworth INC, Houston

Manufacturer and supplier of portable tank cleaning machines and equipment, on sale or rental basis. Butterworth is well-known for its quality products and reliable services worldwide and one of the market leaders.

T.C. Repair & Supply, Sussex, UK

This company is the only independent company having specialised in repairs, spareparts and reconditioning of all well-known tank-cleaning machines on the market today. This being Butterwoth, Toftejorg, Dasic, Polarjet Alfa Laval and many more. They also offer onboard travelling/servicing crew for the cleaning machines.