Marine lubricants

Chevron Global Lubricants

Chevron offers high quality lubricants at very competitive prices and terms in most ports around the world. Together with the Chevron Oslo office, we cover the Norwegian market, concentrating on both commercial and technical services for supplies world wide.

Dybwad-Olsen AS has represented Chevron as agents in Norway since the takeover of Gulf Oil in 1984. Later in 1999 Chevron and Texaco created FAMM (Fuel and Marine Marketing) as a joint venture for promotion of their marine fuels and lubricants. Following the merger between Chevron and Texaco in 2001, and the subsequent name changes in 2008 from FAMM to Chevron our representation is now for Chevron Marine Products which cover all products from Chevron, Texaco and Caltex world wide.